The public are most welcome at Parish Council meetings. We always have an Open Forum at the beginning of the meeting where you can raise ANY issues of concern.

When we look at Planning Applications, the procedure is as follows: For each application, we invite the applicant to speak in support, followed by comments from other parishioners.  Councillors are then asked to declare any personal or prejudicial interests in the application, and if they have such an interest, to leave the room while the Council deliberates its response. The Parish Council has the status of a consultee only, and can decide to SUPPORT the application, OPPOSE it, or make NO COMMENT.  Support or opposition responses will be backed up by written arguments and evidence.

General Meetings (including Planning)

Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 18th November 2020 8pm Online on Zoom


Planning and Interim Meetings - additional meetings are arranged as the need arises, often at short notice  

Planning Meeting Wednesday 28th October 7pm online on Zoom Agenda

Other Meetings


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