Schedule of Fees 2017/18

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Weedon Chapel Graveyard Regulations

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The "Exclusive Right Of Burial" [EROB] explained

The Weedon Chapel Graveyard is a "private" cemetery. In order for someone to be buried there, the cemetery owner (Weedon Parish Council) must grant the Exclusive Right of Burial, either in advance or at the time of death. There will normally be a fee payable for this (see above for current schedule).

When a grave or grave plot in a private cemetery is described as “purchased” or “owned”, this refers to the purchasing of the Exclusive Right Of Burial in a grave space and not the purchase of the land itself.

This means that you do not own the land nor have any automatic right to place anything on that land, but only have the exclusive right, during the period stated in the Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial, to say who can be buried in the grave. Also, provided that you do not, during your lifetime, transfer the right to another person, and provided that the period stated on the Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial has not expired, you can choose to be buried in the grave yourself.

More details about the EROB and its use and transfer are available here.



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