The Plan 

We have formed a community response team in Weedon to co-ordinate help and action in times of general emergency such as extreme cold or heat, snow, power cuts, flu pandemic or similar.

If you need help, contact a Team Member.

The Team Members have access to a list of people in the village who have volunteered a range of services to those in need.

Liz Brown (co-ordinator) Upper AA Rd Buckingham Road 641902 07879 645082
Lizzy Birks East End 641216 07947 215925
Lottie Holmes Lower AA Rd  641353 07796 116012
Ralph Followell Stockaway 641998 07885 510599
Lucy Orchard New Road 641049 07909 005253
Carol Lindley Mid High Street Newville Northcroft 641462 07597 310360
Steve & Kirsty Ashurst Lower High Street Lilies 640224 07748 990760 07888 742308
If there is a need for gritting or snow removal or if anyone needs help with shopping, meals or prescription collection please contact a team member. 
If you are able to offer volunteer services, please contact the Team Member who lives closest to you, or the Co-ordinator Liz Brown. 
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